Monday, February 18, 2008

NEWS: John McCain to Back Better Bush

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Above is McCain Embracing One Bush. Soon to Embrace Another?


John McCain, in an attempt to win back traditional conservative voters who for one reason or another seem to like the Bush family, has received the endorsement of the former President George Bush. My only assumption as to why McCain would want this endorsement is that the senior Bush's Iraq war went over much better. A fictional source within McCain's camp was quoted as saying "You can't beat the Bush family for political credability. Well, years after they leave office anyway".

McCain is also going with the "No New Taxes" statement just like Mr. Bush infamously did oh so many years ago. John McCain really trying to win here or what?

To see a related video at CNN Click Here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

NEWS: Obama Points at Clinton

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Are Lobbyists Influencing Hillary? The Big Pile of Money Says "Yes".

Perhaps Barack Obama's secret weapon in the beginning of all of this was the fact he had so little money to start out with against Hillary Clinton. And the reason he didn't was because he refused to except lobbyist money. You know "lobbyists"? i.e. legal bribesmen. He says that Mrs. Clinton is too much a part of "business-as-usual in Washington" to bring about reform.

Perhaps Hillary should stop just thinking about the money. Sure being economically friendly is something her husband and by that her name is know for. But she needs to shake off her "businesswoman like" attitude about everything. Check there recent quotes from to see what I mean.

"I am in the solutions business. My opponent is in the promises business,"

"I am bullish on America."

Not the best way to phrase things me thinks.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

INTERNET REPORT: YouTube Video Ends Clinton Campaign

Or So YouTube Geek hopes.


Seriously though get used to this footage because you may start seeing it soon. Hillary blowing the horn for war is just too delicious an issue. I don't think most TV News teams know what to do with it it's so good. But as the campaign heats up for the Democratic nomination expect this to become a bigger issue.

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NEWS: Romney and McCain Shake Hands!

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Republican voters pleased by flimsy gesture of party unity.


Former Republican presidential hopeful and superduperdeeduper rich guy Mitt Romney announced Thursday that he is backing Sen. John McCain in his bid for the Oval Office. In his speech he called McCain a "true American hero" in reference to the Senator from Arizona's time spent as a P.O.W. in Vietnam. Now this is certainly a far cry from what he said of McCain on Jan 28th.

“If you ask people, ‘Look at the three things Senator McCain has done as a senator,’ if you want that kind of a liberal Democratic course as president, then you can vote for him,” Romney told campaign workers. “But those three pieces of legislation, those aren’t conservative, those aren’t Republican, those are not the kind of leadership that we need as we go forward.” -- From Fox News.

And pollsters wonder why voters tell them endorsements mean nothing.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EDITORIAL: McCain's new approach to conservatives. "Screw those assholes!"

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McCain pictured above in his audition pose for Pirates


Now some people like those at CNN will try and worry you with numbers that say despite the fact that Senator John McCain of Arizona has locked up the Republican nomination for the White House and despite the fact that he won all three "Potomac Pimaries" today he is still in need of the "true conservative vote".

Now let me ask you this good people. If this truly is one of those elections that one team just can't win i.e. the Republicans then why all the fuss over the missing "true conservatives" from McCain's camp? Aren't the only things that could possibly save him the fringe voters on the right of the liberal side and the swing voters in the middle? And won't John McCain simply alienate all these voters by trying to impress the rabid fans of THIS guy?

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NEWS: Clinton says: "I still refuse to give belief this is a one woman race to the White House"

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Mrs. Clinton pictured above in a fair and flattering photo.


CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby made a point on the politicalticker blog about the fact that Hillary, as of her speech tonight from El Paso TX, has still not congratulated or acknowledged the fact that Obama has been whipping her ass as of late. The link to his piece can be found HERE.

Now granted after today's primaries in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Obama did have a clean sweep of a day. And sure he did the same thing last Saturday in a quadraslam of victories followed by another crushing defeat for Hillary the next day in Maine. So one can see how she may be a bit touchy right now concerning even the mentioning of one Mr. Barack Obama. In fact she probably doesn't even want to think about it. And of course as adults we all know that not thinking about something makes it go away. Right?

Honestly I don't know what to think of the situation. Maybe she should give a "job well done" to her competitor. Or maybe this is a race to the White House and something this serious merits a more cold political atmosphere between members of the same party. Actually I think I just figured out how I feel - I couldn't care less. No doubt though this will become a big issue with the schoolgirl gossip types that fill news desk seats for the next month or so. Seeing as how Hillary will more than likely be going until March before she gets her first win since Super Tuesday. And my guess is she won't be getting any more friendly with Obama in the meantime.

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EDITORIAL: Obama says "Time to make the Donuts!"

Here we see Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty delivering donuts to some of Obama' supporters in the District's Eastern Market neighborhood.


And let me tell you people something about myself. I just can't help but me impressed by a guy who knows what the people want. And that of course is donuts. Sure this is just a gimmicky moment that says nothing more than
"I'm a good guy look at me bringing these shmoes donuts! I'm no prick!" Nonetheless it's the fact that he chose donuts over anything else that impresses here. Obama good sirs and madams simply understands what the people of this nation want and deserve. And what we deserve are hot tasty donuts. Filled with creme, glazed with sugar, injected with hot scrumptious jelly, it's these little fried bread rings that bring so much joy to every American morning.

So let us sing the song of the Bearclaw! The anthem of the free and the full (of donuts)! Be they Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. Be they day old discount at the Kwik Stop or fresh out of the hot ass grease. As Americans we can all proudly proclaim our love for the donut as being unabashedly American (never mind they were introduced to North America by the freaky deaky Dutch).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm so hungry for donu...freedom that I just need to go down to bakery and eat with the local patrons about Obama and the cause he fights every donut for the working man. And how he never let one cruller escape his vision for the long fight ahead. I'm going to talk with them about how you can almost smell the forthcoming elections like a fresh baked dozen long johns.

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