Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EDITORIAL: Obama says "Time to make the Donuts!"

Here we see Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty delivering donuts to some of Obama' supporters in the District's Eastern Market neighborhood.


And let me tell you people something about myself. I just can't help but me impressed by a guy who knows what the people want. And that of course is donuts. Sure this is just a gimmicky moment that says nothing more than
"I'm a good guy look at me bringing these shmoes donuts! I'm no prick!" Nonetheless it's the fact that he chose donuts over anything else that impresses here. Obama good sirs and madams simply understands what the people of this nation want and deserve. And what we deserve are hot tasty donuts. Filled with creme, glazed with sugar, injected with hot scrumptious jelly, it's these little fried bread rings that bring so much joy to every American morning.

So let us sing the song of the Bearclaw! The anthem of the free and the full (of donuts)! Be they Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. Be they day old discount at the Kwik Stop or fresh out of the hot ass grease. As Americans we can all proudly proclaim our love for the donut as being unabashedly American (never mind they were introduced to North America by the freaky deaky Dutch).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm so hungry for donu...freedom that I just need to go down to bakery and eat so....talk with the local patrons about Obama and the cause he fights every donut for the working man. And how he never let one cruller escape his vision for the long fight ahead. I'm going to talk with them about how you can almost smell the forthcoming elections like a fresh baked dozen long johns.

R. Planet
Senior Blogomaster

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