Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EDITORIAL: McCain's new approach to conservatives. "Screw those assholes!"

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McCain pictured above in his audition pose for Pirates


Now some people like those at CNN will try and worry you with numbers that say despite the fact that Senator John McCain of Arizona has locked up the Republican nomination for the White House and despite the fact that he won all three "Potomac Pimaries" today he is still in need of the "true conservative vote".

Now let me ask you this good people. If this truly is one of those elections that one team just can't win i.e. the Republicans then why all the fuss over the missing "true conservatives" from McCain's camp? Aren't the only things that could possibly save him the fringe voters on the right of the liberal side and the swing voters in the middle? And won't John McCain simply alienate all these voters by trying to impress the rabid fans of THIS guy?

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