Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NEWS: Clinton says: "I still refuse to give up...my belief this is a one woman race to the White House"

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Mrs. Clinton pictured above in a fair and flattering photo.


CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby made a point on the politicalticker blog about the fact that Hillary, as of her speech tonight from El Paso TX, has still not congratulated or acknowledged the fact that Obama has been whipping her ass as of late. The link to his piece can be found HERE.

Now granted after today's primaries in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Obama did have a clean sweep of a day. And sure he did the same thing last Saturday in a quadraslam of victories followed by another crushing defeat for Hillary the next day in Maine. So one can see how she may be a bit touchy right now concerning even the mentioning of one Mr. Barack Obama. In fact she probably doesn't even want to think about it. And of course as adults we all know that not thinking about something makes it go away. Right?

Honestly I don't know what to think of the situation. Maybe she should give a "job well done" to her competitor. Or maybe this is a race to the White House and something this serious merits a more cold political atmosphere between members of the same party. Actually I think I just figured out how I feel - I couldn't care less. No doubt though this will become a big issue with the schoolgirl gossip types that fill news desk seats for the next month or so. Seeing as how Hillary will more than likely be going until March before she gets her first win since Super Tuesday. And my guess is she won't be getting any more friendly with Obama in the meantime.

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